Certified ORGANIC, Grown onsite. 

We are open wednesdays from 1:00-6:00pm and Saturdays from 9:00am-1:00pm.

Our community farm stand features the seasonal offerings produced on our certified organic farm. We often parter with other local organic farmers, and maintain a stock of locally sourced dry goods, value-added products, and featured local artisans.


Our farm stand is situated on the SouthWest corner of our certified organic urban farm at the intersection of N. Fairview Avenue and Stow Canyon Road.

Enjoy shopping for seasonal produce directly from the source. Experience the connection of seeing the farm where your food is grown and meeting the farmers responsible for it.

Additionally available are pantry items made by local artisans including, but not limited to, fresh baked bread, certified organic olive oil, olives, raw honey, coffee beans, jams, a selection of handmade pasta, dried goods - peas, beans, flours - and other locally sourced products.




WEEKLY Produce Bags

We offer pre-packaged produce bags available for pick up on Wednesdays during farm stand hours (1:00-6:00pm.)

These bags are available for $20 each and are comprised of seasonal produce items curated weekly and feature fruits and vegetables from our farm and other local partners. Orders must be made by Tuesday at 8:00pm in order to be ready for pick up the next day. Visit our online store (link below) to order.

Each Monday we release the weekly produce bag's contents on our website, Instagram account (@fairviewgardensfarm) and directly to those signed up for our email notifications (sign up on our contact page.)


Available for pick up on Wednesday, November 17th

Dandelion Greens
Bok choy

Give the gift of food

Give the gift of food with an E-Gift card for purchasing healthy organic produce and other amazing, locally sourced items at the farm stand.

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We envision a sustainable world for future generations where knowing the source of food is common knowledge and being connected to nature is common practice.

Community reviews

"You're doing a great job! A variety of foods and friendly staff, what more could you ask for in the neighborhood?"

-Anne (farm stand Customer)

"My parents have lived down the street from Fairview for over 30 years and I always intended to shop there but never did until Covid and the produce bags started. It's a great option and I love that my 3 year old can see the farm right there where the food is grown."

-Anonymous Customer

"Through this covid-19 process, we have come to see the importance of supporting local and we plan to continue doing so. It's also more delicious and fresh!"

-Kenny (Farm Stand Customer)